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Emergency incidents 999
For all non-emergency calls to the police 101
Action Fraud: Call 0300 123 2040 Website

Crimestoppers (to report crime anonymously) 0800 555 111 or and follow anonymous form
Police Liaison – Anthony Lewis:
Neighbourhood Watch Croydon email: or visit for more information

Kendra prides itself on its mutually supportive links with our local police. We have found the officers to be receptive to suggestions and proactive within our community. The new Policing Model was introduced in 2013; our SN Team has now been merged into the new Neighbourhood Policing Team based at Addington Police Station. More police officers have been assigned to this enlarged Neighbourhood Policing Team which covers the whole of the southern cluster of wards (Selsdon, Sanderstead, Kenley, Purley and Coulsdon – East and West) and is headed by Inspector Clair Robbins. Sergeant Nick Tooher has now returned to his original role of being assigned to Purley. Within the new NPT, Sgt. Kirsten Treasure, PC Joseph D’Silva and PCSO Kelly Evans have been assigned to Kenley.

In maintaining a understanding of local crime and policing matters, a committee member, Phil Royse, is responsible for police liaison. In addition we have links with the Neighbourhood Panel, which sets objectives for the Neighbourhood Team. Phil Royse is the Association’s member and Ian Waite is an elected member. In the first instance, for minor problems, contact your Neighbourhood Watch representative, if you have one resident in or near your street.

For more serious matters (if not an emergency) call the Neighbourhood Policing team on 0208 721 2466.
For crime prevention advice call the Neighbourhood Policing team.
To comment on, discuss, or give suggestions about KENDRA’s role in community policing contact .
To report a crime which has taken place (if no longer an emergency) either call 101 or log onto , or call the Neighbourhood Team.
For an emergency, if a crime is taking place or perpetrators are still at the scene, call 999.
We welcome your views concerning security issues and strongly encourage you to report any acts of crime. This reporting directly influences the allocation of police resources.

Neighbourhood Watch Croydon Co-ordinator 020 8649 0318

Useful resources:
Metropolitan Police website is an extensive and valuable resource for information on policing for the whole of London and individual Boroughs. It has information on how the police are fighting crime, crime prevention, crime mapping, crime reporting and the Policing Pledge.

Useful tips:

Doorstep Scams: There have been a number of scammers operating  in the area who prey on the elderly in particular. Don’t invite strangers in to your home, always ask to see ID if they claim to be from a utility company and don’t buy from ‘cold callers.’ Sign up for the Planning Updates as these usually contain alerts and security information.
Mobile phones: Each mobile telephone has a unique serial number (the IMEI number) which can be accessed by entering *#06#  on the keypad. Please ensure that you have this number written down, as without it you cannot report it to the police as lost or stolen (nor in some cases can you claim insurance).
Number plate thefts across London are rife, for congestion zone impersonation or forecourt drive-aways, please fit your plates with non-removable screws.
Outhouse burglaries occur in this area, so make sure these are locked or take other precautions.
Take care when strangers call unannounced to undertake paving work or tree surgery as there have been many cases of threats and intimidation by these rogue traders. Do not enter into any contract with them and if worried contact the local police.
The following is an extract from a recent Issue of Croydon Reports. Good advice indeed for any time of the year – not just Christmas.

Christmas is a time when people are rushing around town centres, buying and then storing gifts in their homes. Criminals take advantage of Christmas and use this opportunity to strike.

Beware of pickpockets. Stay alert and keep your bags close to you.
Don’t carry too much cash on you.
If traveling by car, park in a well-lit area, lock all doors and windows and don’t leave anything in view.
Keep presents out of sight until last thing on Christmas Eve.
Empty boxes outside your home advertise that you have new goods inside – dispose of packaging carefully.
Take a note of the frame number of new cycles and the serial number of new electrical equipment.
Use automatic on-off timers for lights, and radio to make it appear as if someone is home.
Close your blinds or curtains at night.
Take extra care when locking doors and windows – don’t forget the garage and shed – don’t leave spare keys visible.
If you are going away for a longer period of time, ask a neighbour to keep an eye on the house.
Don’t leave bags unattended or over the backs of chairs.
Don’t drink too much – you could become an easy target for thieves.
Always use a licensed minicab, taxi or night bus to get home safely.
Always keep your mobile phone secure.
Remain vigilant and stay safe
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Kenley Safer Neighbourhood Community Panel:
Kenley Ward has an active Safer Neighbourhood Community Panel; this comprises around a dozen residents and local business people, including a youth member and two members for KENDRA. It meets quarterly in the KMH to discuss crime and policing with our SNT and to agree priorities for the police. For further information about KSNCP please contact either our local police (020 8721 2466) or email .

Neighbourhood Watch:
Please see below for both the Police Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter which is updated monthly, and a report of other Important Information to be aware of, which is updated weekly.
For a summary of crimes reported in each of the wards in Croydon Borough, plus information on some key crime hotspots, trends and alerts see: Newsletter_1409.pdf

To keep you up to date with the latest information relating to Spam emails, bogus callers etc., see: Info_150616.pdf

If you want to start up or join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, please see Neighbourhood Watch on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

To view pdf files you will need to have Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer. Download available here.