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President:    Cllr Jan Buttinger    07801 531870
Vice President:  Cllr Steve O’Connell       Steve.o’  07760 310686

Chairman:  Christine Heal 020 8406 4226
Vice Chairman: Lindsey Blackburn
Hon. Secretary:  Anthony Lewis
Hon. Treasurer:  Angela Morrison
Membership Secretary:  John Davenport 020 8668 0776
Hon. Minuting Secretary:  Tony Heal
Planning (& Planning Newsletter):   Geoff James 020 8660 5606
Transport: 020 8406 4226
Police Liaison:   Conor Campion 020 8668 9489
Conservation:   Mike van der Vord 020 8660 6056
Magazine Editor:  Tony Heal 020 8406 4226
Member:  Tony Avery 07967 354145
Member:  Jane Highfield

Road Stewards
We have a system of Road Stewards, approximately 100, who live locally and who deal with local issues and deliver our Newsletters four times a year. There are always a number of vacancies throughout the area in which we operate, so please volunteer your services by contacting the Membership Secretary 020 8668 0776

Website : Paul Keating (non-committee)
Litter co-ordinator:  Paul Keating (non-committee)