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Category Archives: Planning

MP starts Planning Blight Campaign

Croydon South MP Chris Philp is asking constituents to join his campaign to fight planning decisions made by Croydon Council. In an email he states ‘Over 90% of all applications are getting approved by the Planning Committee. In particular, they are routinely allowing family housing to be destroyed and replaced with small blocks of flats’ […]

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Planning Problems in the Borough by Chris Philp MP

I am deeply concerned about the Council’s appalling approach to planning. They are granting 95% of applications that go to planning committee, which are supposed to be the contentious applications. They intend a further 10,000 homes to be built in suburban areas of the borough by 2036. The council is targeting green areas with intensified […]

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What is the Focused Intensification Zone (FIZ)

(Taken from Winter Newsletter 2018) What does the Croydon Plan and SPD2 mean to Kenley? We need to distinguish between those parts of Kenley inside the FIZ and those outside. The table below provides some highlights. The Council is actively working with the developers to maximise the number of dwellings that are delivered by each […]

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Kenley Community Plan

The Kenley Community Plan is a council project to review and improve the community facilities within Kenley. The idea is that the new housing schemes being proposed for Kenley generate contributions from the developers (called S106 and CIL monies). A chunk of this money is then used to improve the community facilities of the local […]

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157 Hayes Lane Deadline 18th Jan

The proposal to build a three storey development of flats on the site of an existing bungalow is just one of a series which could change the face of Kenley. Details of this development can be seen at If you would like to make a comment or objection the deadline is Friday 18th January.

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Kenley as we know it is under threat!! The Council is seeking comments on a draft document (called SPD2) that defines the planning applications that the Council will likely accept around Kenley Station. The document also suggests the Council’s vision for Kenley: Redwood Close – Replace all existing houses with blocks of flats of 3- […]

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Block of Flats in Hayes Lane

Update: This building application received 137 objections An application to build a block of flats in Hayes Lane has been submitted to Croydon planners. It proposes 8 two bed and one 3 bed flat on the site of 120 Hayes Lane, with parking for 7 cars. It would be 3 storeys high and increase the […]

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Overdevelopment by Chris Philp MP

Fighting the Threat of Overdevelopment One of the best things about the southern part of our Borough – and especially Kenley – is the beautiful greenery we have. Although we are technically in a London Borough, much of our neighbourhood has a rural or semi-rural feel to it. I like that a lot. It makes […]

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Planning Report by Geoff James

The new Croydon Local Plan and the Kenley FIZ The council has now adopted the new local plan for Croydon, and it now simply termed The Croydon Local Plan (CLP). This is the planning framework that is used to assess any new planning applications within Croydon. CLP made a late change to the boundary of the Kenley Focused  […]

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AGM 24th April 2018

Kenley & District Residents’ Association Annual General Meeting Our AGM is on 24th April at 8pm in the Kenley Memorial Hall, Godstone Road.This is your chance to have your say and question our committee, councillors and (hopefully) our MP, Chris Philp. The local elections are close so there will be no representation from Croydon Council. […]

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