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Category Archives: Nature

Tree Cutting Along Godstone Road

A number of residents have askedwhy the trees on the City of London Common Land (opposite Harris Academy on Godstone Rd) have been felled. The September update from the City of London newsletter did explain the reason why : c-of-l-newsletter-coulsdon-sept-2016 but is below for information:   “Riddlesdown tree safety and scrub management This coming autumn […]

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UPDATE – Travellers in Hawkhirst Road

Further Developments (10th Dec 2015)… In essence the planning inspector has 1. Sent the planning application component of the appeal to Croydon Council to be decided 2. Limited the scope of the appeal to single matter of “what appropriate notice period to vacate should be provided to the occupiers in the event that the occupation […]

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Wattenden Pond – get involved

Extracts from Summer newsletter article by Mike van der Vord : Our planting of several different UK indigenous aquatic plants last spring, has proven to have been very successful. The marginal plants only need to be cut back when the winter comes at the end of the year. The deeper water plants, water lilies included, are also thriving well. […]

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