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Amazon EU Associates Programme details and responsibilities

Kenley & District Residents’ Association (Kendra) is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to , ,,, &

Before using these links, please make sure that you have read the  Questions & Answers  section below.

Questions & Answers:
Q1.  Is Kendra recommending Amazon products or Amazon as a retailer?
A.No, Kendra is simply receiving a fee for the qualifying sales that are generated from our membership. This represents a small a source of income for Kendra.

Q2. If there is a dispute between the Kendra member and Amazon, will Kendra get involved?
A.No, In the event that there is a dispute concerning delivery, specification, quality, warranty, payment, costs or charges for any service or product (paid for or otherwise) available on the Amazon web site(s) then this matter remains between the customer and Amazon/manufacturer.

Q3. Is Amazon supporting the work of Kendra?
A. By allowing Kendra to participate in this scheme, Amazon are not expressing a view on the work of Kendra one way or the other.

Q4.  Will the Kendra member receive the same prices, and be able to use the same discounts if they use this link?
A. Yes. The use of the Kendra link to the Amazon web site does not affect the prices that Amazon quote, the discounts available or the services provided by Amazon.

Q5.  Will the use of the Amazon link affect my consumer rights in the UK, or my ability to pay for Amazon goods with a credit card?>
A.The use of the Amazon link has no impact on your consumer rights, and has no impact on whether Amazon will allow you to pay by credit card.

Q6. How much does Kendra get when an Amazon purchase is made via the link?
A.A small percentage of the net price before delivery charges. However, the rate varies and some products/services do not qualify for any rebate.

Q7. Do Amazon provide reports to Kendra showing who has made purchases and what they have bought?

Q8. Can the special Amazon link provided by Kendra be saved in my browser favourites so that it is easy to use in the future?
A. We do not recommend saving the link in your favourites. In nearly all cases when this is attempted the attribution to Kendra is lost, and therefore any purchases that are completed using the my-favourites link will fail to earn Kendra a fee. We ask that members use the link provided on this website and contained in the weekly Kendra emails.

Q9. How do I know if Amazon has used the Kendra link correctly, and Kendra is going to receive a fee for my Amazon purchases?
A. Unfortunately, no indication is provided on the Amazon screens to show that a Kendra affiliated link has been activated. Further, it is not possible for the purchaser to confirm that their purchase will enable a small credit to be sent to Kendra. This is the way that Amazon have designed the system. It is necessary to use the link, and take it on trust that the purchases will generate a cash credit for Kendra.