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About Kendra   arrow

(See also Kendra Constitution | Kendra Mandate | History of Kendra )

What Kendra does.

We monitor local situations and report whenever necessary in relation to:

  • Flood control
  • Graffiti removal
  • Health and safety programmes maintained
  • Pavements maintained
  • Potholes filled in
  • Provision and maintenance of litter bins
  • Refuse collection
  • Street cleaning / lighting

Reviews and monitors planning applications:

  • Gives advice and opposes where necessary

Ensures value for money on how council/local taxes are used:

  • Emergency services
  • Health
  • Police consultative meeting representative
  • Schools
  • Water and sewage

Considers local transport issues involving:

  • Bus and rail
  • Traffic control
Involvement in environmental and conservation issues.

Has representation on the  Purley & Kenley Neighbourhood Partnership .

Liaises with other Organisations whenever there is a joint interest.

Advises on other issues.

Kendra issues four printed newsletters per year, runs  Social Events including dances, suppers and trips.