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Autumn General Meeting 2018 Minutes


23rd October 2018, Kenley Memorial Hall, Godstone Road, Kenley

Present: Some 42 Members including 1 Councillor and 8 Committee Members:

Apologies: Committee Members: CC, GJ, MV, Cllr SO’C and members Roger Capham and John and Anne Fletcher.

2018A. 1    The evening began with a short reception for members with wine and soft drinks on offer.

                  Christine Heal took the chair and welcomed everyone and gave a brief outline of the

                  meeting (printed in the latest Magazine plus a guest speaker who would be joining the meeting

                  later) including emergency egress routes to be used should they be needed.  

                  CH, as the newly co-opted Chair, then gave a brief introduction of herself to the

      gathering and also asked the members present to turn to the person next to them and to those

immediately behind to say ‘hello’  as an ‘ice breaker’ introduction to get to know one 


2018A.2   Minutes of April Annual GM had been published onto the Kendra website for general publication and copies were available in the hall.

2018A.3.   There were no matters arising.

2018A.4    Kendra Administration and Notices

                 The chair introduced the various committee members present and thanked them for their  continuing efforts. Reference was also made most positions were now filled, but that we needed area/road stewards to deliver magazines quarterly and collect subs annually in parts of Valley Road,  Kenley Lane, Hayes Lane (Upper Section) and Firs Road, Any offers of help would be greatly appreciated.  

2018A.5    Report on Kenley Activities

  1. Litter Picks These have continued to good effect. A number of members had turned out on pre-advised dates – as notified  by poster displays and Twitter postings   
  2. Kendra Notice Boards Tony Avery has arranged for Notice Boards to be erected outside the local Co-op and Kenley Station to promote Kendra activities – e.g meetings and other important issues that need publicising.
  3. Airfield Revival Project Alan Morgan gave an update on these ongoing developments, including ‘aircraft wings’ designed Information/History boards (over 40) and a ‘secure’ safety fence around airfield when gliding activities are in progress. Main RAF cadet activities are expected back at the airfield in 2020, once the security and accommodation needs have been made fit for purpose. There are also plans to recruit a Legacy Officer and to create a travelling exhibition so that these amenities can be promoted to further afield audiences to encourage them to visit Kenley.
  4. Downland Conservation Carl Roche of Friend of Foxley gave an informed update on the conservation management of the natural habitat of both Foxley and Riddlesdown including the sheep grazing programme from Spring to Summer months.
  5. Remembrance Service will be held on Sunday 11th November at the RAF Kenley Memorial at 1.30 pm when local dignitaries and other local organisations will be laying wreaths.

2018A.6  Current Local Issues

  1. Kendra
  2. Because of the focus it is receiving and, in his absence, CH read out an excerpt of Geoff James’s ‘Croydon Local Plan and Planning Report from the Autumn that members were kept appraised of the current scenario,

2018A.7   Two Main Speakers – Local Police Team and Guest Speaker Peter Morgan

   A. The Police Team

Early in the meeting Sgt Glyn Williams gave an update on current issues and events.

1.Violent, particularly knife crime, is an issue for Central Croydon

2. Croydon Borough now have with only three stations – , in north Croydon, Central Croydon and Coulsdon.

3. The Police Boroughs of Sutton, Croydon and Bromley had merged into one under one Inspector. Response times for 101 calls may be slower, but 999 calls will not be affected; possibly contact Crimestoppers if not 999 or 101.

4 Local items mentioned:  House burglaries with question from the floor, ASBOs, Vehicle crime, 20mph limit (Safer Transport Team). Reference was made that residents feel safer when we can see the Police patrolling our streets.

5. Contact/info/advice is now available via Twitter: @mpskenley, their website or email

  • Peter Morgan of Purley and Coulsdon Road Users Forum

Peter had been invited to speak at this AGM in view of the impending meeting with TfL regarding their decision for planned improvements on the A22 Godstone Road Consultation project for his views and experience of dealing with and trying to get the changes we desire. He felt there was a possible solution to eradicate traffic issues along that stretch, but financing would not be available for such a radical option. In addition, time was spent discussing the newly introduced general 20mph speed limits in Purley and Kenley wards, knowing that there are no Police resources to enforce these lower limits which are being ignored by most motorists.

He was thanked by David Hooper for his contribution this evening.

2018A.8     A.O.B.

  1. CH read out an email from Councillor Steve O’Connell advising that Electric

Charging Points were being installed by the shops on the Godstone Road.

  • Parking issues particularly in Kenley Lane; pinch points and dangerous parking,

possible parking wardens. School Runs parking issue/ imposed restrictions

      b) Carl Roche thanked CH for the successful meeting.