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Kenley as we know it is under threat!!

The Council is seeking comments on a draft document (called SPD2) that defines the planning applications that the Council will likely accept around Kenley Station. The document also suggests the Council’s vision for Kenley:

  • Redwood Close – Replace all existing houses with blocks of flats of 3- and 4- storeys. Extend the road to access many developments in the rear gardens of Hayes Lane and Welcomes Road
  • Oaklands – replace the garages with blocks of flats. Add more storeys to existing buildings. Insert a new block of flats facing Park Road
  • Station Road – Existing 3-storey blocks of flats can be increased to 6-storeys. Existing garages can be replaced with blocks of flats
  • Parts of Kenley Lane, Hayes Lane, Welcomes Road and Park Road Replace various houses with blocks of flats
  • General – The Council assumes that most of the new Kenley residents will be without a car. The whole area around the station to be a controlled parking zone

If you want to know more, or if you want to express your views on the Council vision for all other parts of Kenley as well, then the following are very important:

  • Monday 24/09/2018 – Kendra is holding a meeting with local residents at Kenley Memorial Hall. The presentation starts at 7:30pm. We will explain more details of the Council document called SPD2 and answer any questions the best that we can. We will also explain how you can formally object to the Council’s proposals. All residents of Kenley are invited.
  • Tuesday 25/09/2018 – Croydon Council’s planning team will be available in Kenley Memorial Hall between 4pm and 8pm to answer any questions on SPD2. Anyone who is interested can just turn up, view the Council documents and ask the experts questions. This session is part of several sessions that the Council is arranging throughout the borough.
  • 15/10/2018 – Any comments on SPD2 that are received by the Council after 15th October will be ignored.

About Kendra – We are a residents’ association supported by our members who pay an annual subscription. We are also residents of Kenley and we want to preserve Kenley as a nice place to live. To find out more about Kendra or to become a member please see or email

14 September 2018