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Box clever – with recycling boxes

toms_in_box_webWith the introduction of the new wheelie bins from September, the big question is ‘What are we going to do with the old recycling boxes?’

Croydon Council will recycle them, but it’s the resident’s responsibility to take them to the recycling centre. The council have made no provision for their collection from residents. They instead suggest they are used as storage boxes. Other uses could be for growing plants such as tomatoes or potatoes.

At the recent Kendra committee meeting it was decided to ask the council for help, especially as some residents cannot drive and, at best, would have to take them on the bus.

Maybe the scouts or other voluntary group could take them away for recycling for a nominal fee, therefore boosting their funds? Or is there a business which would appreciate a few hundred storage boxes?

If you have a bright idea about their use, or how they could be disposed of constructively, I’d like to know. Thanks, Paul