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Litter Picking Good & Bad

We had a good turn out on Sunday 15th July, despite the hot weather, holiday season and a couple of huge sports fixtures. We managed to collect about 16 bags full of litter, which has made a difference, I hope you can see.

Among the usual cans, cups, paper and bottles of urine (yep!), there’s been a noticeable increase in disposable ‘wipes,’ which are non-recyclable. Probably most disturbing this pick was the large number of used inspection gloves which we can only assume they come from the many care homes in the area. Goodness knows what they’ve been in contact with and who might pick them up, bearing in mind one was dropped outside Hayes School. Parents beware!

Near the common we came across two bags of dumped meat, it looked like chicken, and stank to high-heaven. In this weather, needless to say, it was covered with flies. I just hope a dog doesn’t think it’s worth a try. We’ve reported it and don’t envy the person who has to clear it up. Fly-tipping is costly to council tax payers and is a potential health hazard. If you have seen anything dumped please report it to Croydon Council on 020 8604 7000 or by emailing

It’s my aim to have a litter volunteer on every road who would be willing to go out occasionally, as the need arises, and collect local litter. It would keep the roads clear of litter and discourage further littering. If you would like to become a litter volunteer for your road please contact me

Please look out for our next litter pick signs or send your email address to and I’ll add you to our list. Here’s to a Litter Free Planet!