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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Report Crime Online

As an alternative to calling 101, it is now possible to report crime online by simply clicking “report a crime” on the Met website link and follow the online steps, you’ll receive a reference number at the end of your report. This is NOT for emergencies, which should be reported  in the normal way by calling 999. […]

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Purley SkyScraper Planning Inquiry

Purley SkyScraper Planning Inquiry Hearing The date has been set for the long awaited inquiry into the proposed Purley Skyscraper development, namely Russell Hill Road, PURLEY, CR8 2LE under Planning Inspectorate Reference: APP/L5240/V/17/3174139 detailed as: ‘A full phased planning application for the demolition of existing buildings on two sites; erection of a 3 to 17 […]

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