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Focussed Intensification Zone

Despite previous objections from residents and KENDRA, Croydon Council remains minded to implement a Focussed Intensification Zone (FIZ) around Kenley Station.

clp2 zone

  • Within this zone (shown in yellow) the limits on building development will be relaxed.
  • Proposals such as building front extensions, and blocks of flats will be encouraged.
  • Developers will be permitted to build to TWICE the current predominant number of storeys.
  • There will be little consideration for “character” or the effect on neighbours.
  • In some parts of the FIZ ,the norm will be 4 storeys or more, and it is likely that there will also be rooms in the roof.

ACT NOW! You still have time to object to this – but objections must be received by 10th October 2017

You are encouraged to write/email your own objection, or use this template letter : Template Letter

This is a special situation that permits the use of template letters. So you can just add your own name and address and then either email or post the letter attached letter (address details are included on the template).  However, if you are willing to write your own letter then we encourage you to do so.

The Kenley Focussed Intensification Zone is included in the revised Croydon Local Plan. This plan sets out the planning framework for deciding planning applications for the next 15 years.

Kenley and District Residents’ Association is against the proposal for a Kenley FIZ since this will dramatically alter the character of Kenley. Our Councillors and Kendra have been lobbying hard to resist it. But we need residents to also voice their opinions.