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Consultation on changes to Layout and Red Route on A22 Godstone Road

Transport for London (TfL) are proposing changes to the road layout, and to single and double red line controls along the A22 Godstone Road from Foxley Hill Road to Old Barn Lane.


Outline Map

Outline Map

Click here for detailed map.

The consultation runs from Monday 12 June to Friday 14 July 2017. 

The proposals involve the introduction of new double red lines along some sections of the road. Where these are proposed, parking would no longer be possible.

 We would encourage anyone currently using this section of Godstone Road to view the proposals online, to see how they might be affected.

 The proposals fall into four categories:

·         Changes to red route controls –including the introduction of new sections of red line to enhance safety, the conversion of some single red lines into double red lines, and the introduction of new double red lines within current red route controls.

·         Changes to bus stops – including the relocation of two bus stops and changes in kerb heights to make it easier to get on and off the bus

·         Upgrades to four zebra crossings – including wider crossings to make these a more prominent feature of the road and create a safer place to cross

·         Changes to the road layout – including new paving and some resurfacing, a kerb build out at Station Road to increase visibility when exiting the junction, and the provision of a new red route parking bay near to Old Barn Lane

 The proposals seek to address issues highlighted to us by local residents, where inconsiderate and in some cases illegal parking is occurring very close to side road entry and exit points, and on the pavement along Godstone Road.

 The proposals are also designed to improve sight lines to make it easier for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians to see each other. We also want to make clear where parking is allowed and help promote a good through-put of vehicles accessing local businesses.

 To find out more and let us know what you think, visit TfL’s website


The consultation runs from Monday 12 June to Friday 14 July 2017.