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SCAM WARNING – Doorstep Caller

There is a woman “working” Kenley and the surrounding area. She knocks on the doors of houses late at night and explains that her husband and children have been in a car accident and she needs to get to Guys Hospital urgently. She initially asks to be driven to London Bridge – but this soon changes to a request for the minicab money. Where residents have offered other assistance such as use of a phone to call someone she walks away.

There were reports in the Croydon Advertiser in 2013 and 2015 that appear very similar. We are unsure if this is the same person – please do not assume it is. Please could you ensure that all elderly neighbours are aware that a prolific doorstep scammer is operating in our area. In all reports the women has remained polite and will walk away when it is clear that she has failed.

The police are asking people not to give her any money and to call 999 if she knocks on your door.