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20 MPH Zone for Kenley


Croydon Council is looking at a long-term plan at introducing 20mph speed limits to residential roads across the borough. To do this, it is looking at the borough in areas and is considering one area at a time.

The consultation for Kenley and other areas in the south of the borough will start on 18th January 2017.

At some point during January 2017 all householders in the south of the borough will receive a letter/leaflet from the council providing information on its proposal for a blanket 20mph speed limit.

At time of writing, the Croydon Council website does not contain detailed information on which roads will be affected, however, we understand that the 20 mph speed limit will apply on all roads in the south of the borough, except the A22, A23, Coulsdon Rd, Marlpit Lane, Stoats Nest Rd, Chipstead Valley Rd and Smitham Downs Rd. 

Link to Council Website page on 20 MPH Zone

Residents in the south of the borough will not have the opportunity to vote Yes or No – only to respond to object to the blanket 20mph limit.

Thus, if you are against the blanket 20mph limit, you must follow the council guidelines in its letter to register your opinion.

Conversely, if you do nothing, you will be deemed to have approved of the introduction of the 20mph limit.

Kendra strongly objects to the council denying residents in the south of the borough the option to vote Yes or No. It should be for the residents to decide whether the 20 MPH limit is introduced. Without a consultation, and a subsequent yes or no vote, the proposal will almost certainly be carried through on inertia.

Kendra is therefore encouraging residents to respond to the consultation and express their opinions, whether in favour or against.

Croydon Council believes that research and evidence has demonstrated clear benefits from lowering speed limits in residential areas. In line with this, over the last decade, more and more highway authorities have proceeded to implement 20mph speed limits within their boundaries.

The main aims of the introduction of a 20mph speed limit in an area are to:

  • improve road safety;
  • discourage passing through traffic;
  • encourage walking and cycling;
  • improve the local environment.

To introduce the 20mph blanket limit in all five areas will cost the council £1.5 million if the scheme is introduced. There is evidence that 20mph zones, incorporating traffic-calming features, are more beneficial than sign-only enforced 20mph blanket limits as proposed by the council.

It might be considered rash, in times of financial stringency, that the council should be considering giving such high priority to spending £1.5million on this 20mph limit scheme – especially before the results of a three-year, £715,000 Department for Transport (DfT) commissioned study on the effectiveness of 20mph limits is due to be announced in 2017. The DfT study is bringing together data from different regions as well as including new research carried out on the roads.

There is also no evidence that the Police will enforce the 20mph limit any more rigorously than the current 30mph limit. The council say that it has been assured by the Police they will enforce the 20mph limit in the same way they do the 30mph limit, albeit with no additional resources.

Public meeting

There is an independently organised Public meeting on the 6th January 2017 in Coulsdon Community Centre at 7.30 p.m on the Council’s proposed blanket 20 MPH speed limit in the south of the Borough

The meeting is to cover:

  •  The issue of whether you want blanket 20 MPH speed limits in the whole of Coulsdon and Purley and other areas in the south of the Borough
  •  The lack of consultation with a subsequent vote, only saying residents can object over a 4 week period, and objections have to be material considerations.


By using this method for the south of the Borough, the Council are discriminating against the south and there is a lack of equality and democracy.