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UPDATE – Travellers in Hawkhirst Road

Further Developments (10th Dec 2015)…

In essence the planning inspector has

1. Sent the planning application component of the appeal to Croydon Council to be decided

2. Limited the scope of the appeal to single matter of “what appropriate notice period to vacate should be provided to the occupiers in the event that the occupation is deemed unlawful”

Info from HEPA:


  1. If you have already submitted a letter to HEPA, do not worry, nothing further for you to do. We will ensure your objections are applied to both the Enforcement Appeal and the Planning Appeal.
  2. If you have sent letters direct to the Planning Inspectorate, you may want to send another letter on the same terms to the Development Management Service / Croydon Council Planning Department.
  3. If you have yet to submit your application, please also copy in Development Management Service / Croydon Council Planning Department 6th Floor Zone A/B Bernard Weatherill House 8 Mint Walk Croydon CR0 1EA FAO: Pete Smith and Rory MacLeod.




**********  UPDATE ******** 5th December 2015

In brief: Croydon Council served an eviction notice on the travellers, but they have issued an Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol seeking to remain on the site in perpetuity.
KENDRA is supporting HEPA and asking all our members to contact the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol confirming that you support the actions of the Council, and setting out in your own words additional reasons why the green belt field should be returned to its previous natural state.
Residents have until 24th December to express objections

Full details of the appeal, and how to object can be found here:

Hawkhirst Road Appeal Details


To be added to the HEPA distribution list, please send an email to

******  UPDATE ENDS ***************


A group of travellers have taken up residence in a field along Hawkhirst Rd and have moved in several caravans and vans.

In response to this, the residents of Hawkhirst Road have formed an action group to ensure protection of our greenbelt land and open spaces. The action group is known as Hawkhirst Environment Protection Association (HEPA).

Kendra fully supports HEPA in their goals to protect our greenbelt land and open spaces. This is not just an issue for residents of Hawkhirst Road, but it is of concern to all residents of Kenley and District. Our greenbelt land and our open spaces are the “jewel in the crown” for our area, and we must do all we can to protect these spaces and ensure that any development is carried out in a controlled and sympathetic manner.

HEPA have asked that we circulate the following request for help:

“Dear KENDRA members,

We need your support.

The Hawkhirst Environment Protection Association (HEPA) is lead by Cllr Steve O’Connell. HEPA is concerned with, among other related matters, the preservation of the protected Green Belt / SNCI land in Hawkhirst Road (Kenley) for the benefit of existing and future generations within the Croydon borough and those large numbers from outside the area that benefit from it. It is also concerned with maintaining the land’s existing protected status and the enforcement of the laws and regulations that protect it.

Countless local residents, walkers, bikers and nature enthusiasts (to name but a few) enjoy this rare gem of protected land and the surrounding area. We want them to continue to do so. It is hoped that considered, coordinated and appropriate action will be taken by the relevant authorities in response to the recent traveller site that has been set up on Hawkhirst Road. By definition, the site constitues inappropriate development that is harmful to the Green Belt (see Part E of the Planning Policy for Traveller Sites dated August 2015).

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, which provides a forum for news, information and live updates, please send your name, address and email to We would be particularly keen to speak to people who have specific knowledge about the area (perhaps with expertise in local wildlife, environmental, health and safety, planning, drainage, traffic issues etc.) and can help assess any actual or potential harm caused to the Green Belt.

You should contact the relevant local authority department to report any specific issues, and you may also want to email Cllr Steve O’Connell and/or Chris Philp MP to lodge your support for HEPA and concern over the issues raised in this email.

Anyone who uses Hawkhirst Road should take extra care given the significant increase in traffic, but please do continue to enjoy our beautiful road.


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