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Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Consultation Results

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The Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Consultation Results have now been published by Croydon Council. Flood Risk Consultation 

Kendra’s Conservation Officers initial comments are:


“All I can say that if everything in the strategy report is implemented and expedited we should be well prepared for future potential flood situations.flood 2

The consultation report states that CC will liaise with organisations such as RAs but at the time of writing no such overtures have been made to us at KENDRA.

I’m pleased to see in the strategy report the SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) will have to be implemented by architects and developers for future developments in Croydon.

SuDS is a complex scheme which is currently being implemented across the UK to encourage Architects and Developers to re use run off water as an asset. I am pleased to see in this report that CC are implementing SuDS to future major planning and development applications.

The report has also addressed WFD (Water Framework Directive) which is an EU directive which commits all EU members to achieve good qualitative and quantative status for all its water bodies. The aims are for a ‘good status’ for all ground and surface waters. This includes all rivers, lakes, transitional waters and coastal waters. Every River Basin District in England has to make a statutory ‘River Basin Management Plan’ every six years. Every river basin in England has to provide a clear indication of the way the objectives, set for the river basins, will be achieved within the regular six year intervals. The Croydon section of the Wandle is not doing well but the rest of the Wandle to the Thames has made exceptional progress. We hope this will be soon rectified.


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