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Planning Update

The following planning applications are causing concern to residents:

10 Redwood Close (15/00859) this proposes a 2nd storey extension over the existing
ground extension. The level of building work, the progress without planning permission
and impact on trees have caused concern as this is such a prominent site on the corner of
Kenley Lane and Hayes Lane. Kendra has reviewed the matters with the building control
and asked Croydon Council to properly consider the wider impacts in reaching a decision
on the extension

123 Old Lodge Lane (14/04095/P) this proposed 6 houses on a site where there is one
house today. They wanted to install an access road. This is a particularly aggressive
developer and took thematter to appeal before the council could forma decision.We are
very pleased that the Inspector elected to refuse the planning proposal.

10 Uplands Road (15/02200/P) this proposes 3 houses to be placed in the back garden of
the existing house. This is also a very aggressive developer and we suspect that further
planning applications will be forthcoming to make this site larger.

Old Kenley Police Station Godstone Road (15/01922/P).
There are two related applications.
They propose that the front of the buildings be joined with a glass wall providing
an entrance into a large retail space. All inside walls will be removed to make a
large single retail space using an extension on the rear
The existing planning applications section^off a major part of the carpark to the
rear of the buildings into a separate development plot
There are no public proposals for any development to the carpark area. However,
the company behind the current planning applications is a specialist operator of
nursing care homes
It is a strong possibility the carpark may be development into a newpurpose built
care home.

Geoff James

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