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Category Archives: Planning

UPDATE – Travellers in Hawkhirst Road

Further Developments (10th Dec 2015)… In essence the planning inspector has 1. Sent the planning application component of the appeal to Croydon Council to be decided 2. Limited the scope of the appeal to single matter of “what appropriate notice period to vacate should be provided to the occupiers in the event that the occupation […]

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New Street Lighting – Too Bright?

Kenley is finally receiving new street lights. This is part of a Croydon borough wide project to replace the majority of the street lighting in Croydon. You may notice yellow circles on the pavements, which is the location of the new street lights. The old street lights will be removed once the new ones have […]

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No White Lines on A22

Residents may have noticed the lack of white lines on the recently resurfaced junction of the A22 at St. James’s Road. Do you have a view on the efficacy, or otherwise, of not replacing white lines?  Please contact

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Planning Update

The following planning applications are causing concern to residents: 10 Redwood Close (15/00859) this proposes a 2nd storey extension over the existing ground extension. The level of building work, the progress without planning permission and impact on trees have caused concern as this is such a prominent site on the corner of Kenley Lane and […]

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