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Purley Hospital

Purley War Memorial Hospital Urgent Care Update 1/12/15 Croydon CCG will be out and about in Croydon until 16 December 2015 discussing and showing residents their proposals for Urgent Care in Croydon, from April 2017. They want to hear your views and what you think about their proposed options for Urgent Care services in Croydon. […]

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Meeting: Health, Social Care & Housing

A notice from the the Croydon Health, Social Care and Housing Scrutiny Sub Committee: We are continuing our commitment to put you, the residents, at the centre of our business,  by holding the second in a series of meetings of the Health, Social Care and Housing Scrutiny Sub Committee at a venue near you. This is […]

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Croydon Communities Meeting – 30/9/15

You are invited to the following event: Croydon Communities Consortium – PUBLIC MEETING – Event to be held Wednesday, 30 September 2015 from 19:00 to 21:00 (BST) Kenley Memorial Hall – small hall 92 Godstone Rd KENLEY CR8 5AB This is an open meeting with no set agenda. If you are interested in submitting a […]

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KENDRA General Meeting – 13/10/2015

KENDRA General Meeting – Tuesday 13th October 2015 starting at 8:30 pm ********** MEETING OVER – MINUTES TO FOLLOW ********** The Autumn General Meeting of Kendra will be held in the Tasker Room of Kenley Memorial Hall, Godstone Road, Kenley, on Tuesday 13th October 2015 starting at 8:30 pm, with a short reception from 8.15 […]

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Kendra Committee Meeting – 8th September

The next Kendra committee meeting will be at 8 PM, Tuesday 8th of September, Kenley Memorial Hall. This is an open meeting, so all members may attend.

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Purley Hospital MIU Campaign

Purley Hospital was redeveloped with £11 million of public money in 2012/13 to provide improved outpatient facilities and an Urgent Care Centre. In 2014 The Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group drastically downgraded the Urgent Care Centre by cutting the opening hours, stopping treatment for minor ailments, and removing walk in access to the on-site x-ray facility, […]

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Purley Lit – New Talks Programme Oct 2015 – Mar 2016

A new season of lively and interesting Purley Lit talks begins in October, held in the URC hall (next to Purley Hospital) all starting at 8pm. Contact Margaret Hall, 020 8668 1764, for membership (£22 for eleven talks) or try the Lit out as a visitor (£5 entry). More details on the web site: […]

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Kenley & District Residents Meeting (12th June 2015)

Minutes of Residents Meeting Held in the St James Church Hall, Little Roke Avenue on Thursday, 12th June 2015 Available as a download pdf June 2015 Minutes This meeting was held after the usual June KENDRA Committee Meeting Present: Chair – Chris Stanley (Vice Chairman), Geoff James, John Davenport, Anthony Lewis, Marilyn Poulton, Phil Royse, […]

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General Meeting – 11th June 2015

KENLEY AND DISTRICT RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION MINUTES OF THE 502nd MEETING OF THE COMMITTEE 11th June 2015, Held at St James’s Church Hall, Little Roke Avenue Present: Chair: Chris Stanley, Phil Royse, John Davenport, Geoff James, Marilyn Poulton, Mike van der Vord, Apologies: Richard Cowper, (from 8:15 PM in time for the residents meeting): Anthony Lewis, […]

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General Meeting – 12th May 2015

KENLEY AND DISTRICT RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION – MINUTES OF THE 501st MEETING OF THE COMMITTEE 12th May 2015 (Available as a download pdf –  General Meeting – 12th May 2015) Present: Chair: Phil Royse, John Davenport, Anthony Lewis, Geoff James, Marilyn Poulton, Mike Van der Vord, Richard Cowper, (from 8:15 – 8:45 PM): Cllr Steve Hollands […]

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