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About Kendra   arrow

(See also Kendra Constitution | Kendra Mandate | History of Kendra )

What Kendra does.

We monitor local situations and report whenever necessary in relation to:

  • Flood control
  • Graffiti removal
  • Health and safety programmes maintained
  • Pavements maintained
  • Potholes filled in
  • Provision and maintenance of litter bins
  • Refuse collection
  • Street cleaning / lighting

Reviews and monitors planning applications:

  • Gives advice and opposes where necessary

Ensures value for money on how council/local taxes are used:

  • Emergency services
  • Health
  • Police consultative meeting representative
  • Schools
  • Water and sewage

Considers local transport issues involving:

  • Bus and rail
  • Traffic control
Involvement in environmental and conservation issues.

Has representation on the  Purley & Kenley Neighbourhood Partnership .

Liaises with other Organisations whenever there is a joint interest.


Advises on other issues.


Issues four newsletters per year.

We do enjoy ourselves and from time to time we run  Social Events  including dances, suppers and trips.

All of this costs our members just £3 per household per year – just six pence per week.


Kendra is a non-profit and non-political organisation.