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Kenley Community Plan

The Kenley Community Plan is a council project to review and improve the community facilities within Kenley. The idea is that the new housing schemes being proposed for Kenley generate contributions from the developers (called S106 and CIL monies). A chunk of this money is then used to improve the community facilities of the local area so that the area is better able to support the increased housing.

The council will be seeking ideas from all of the Kenley community which includes residents and those that work within the Kenley ward. They are after suggestions that would improve our area so that we are all better able to cope with and accept the new housing that will be built over the next few years.

The council has already developed a community plan for South Norwood.

A few details on the Kenley initiative:

•The first stage is to define exactly what this community plan “is” – so things are a bit vague at this time.

• The funding for the “proposal stage” has been committed by Croydon Council and GLA.

• The council is engaging a dedicated project manager and they have a project support team with a regeneration manager in place.

• Expect to see a lot more details over the coming weeks/months.

• The Community plan will include improvements to parts of the Kenley Ward.

• Kendra intends to “assist and facilitate” this “council owned” initiative.

• The council and the GLA insist that this will be a community-led plan. There will be surveys and other engagement activities to identify and prioritise the ideas that are sourced from our community.

• The Community Plan project team will present their findings back to the Kenley community as they proceed.

• The resulting Kenley community plan will be presented to the GLA for funding approval.

• The typical proposals require several million pounds to complete and the funding is shared between the GLA and the local council.

• The time line to achieve this is very tight – so expect things to move quite quickly (for a government project).

Editor’s note – There will be those that form the opinion that no amount of money or improvements can make up for the umpteen blocks of flats that are being proposed and approved for our area. Please be assured that Kendra fully understands and supports these views.
However, whether Kendra (or individual residents) choose to support the community plan or refuse to have anything to do with it will not stop the numerous planning applications and the resulting blocks of flats.The community plan provides a means for us to shape those planning applications and receive improvements to our our area that we desperately need.

Please read the Council’s Kenley Community Plan. It shows who the key personnel involved are and its aims. It also explains what any funding is, and isn’t, intended for. View Initial Briefing Document

Latest updates
23/2/19 Members have asked “Why has Kenley been invited to participate in this community plan?”. We too asked this of the Council. The response was that they were looking for a pilot ward for the community plan. It appears the council was impressed by Kendra’s response to the SPD2 consultation of last year. I suspect that the reality may be more straightforward – They needed to choose one of the new FIZ areas and of the new FIZ areas Kenley has the worst infrastructure and is the least able to absorb the proposed new builds.

The Council team running the Community Plan will be presenting at the Kendra AGM on May 1st.

(The above text was taken from Kendra’s planning newsletter – sign up here for up regular updates)