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Litter Pick 13th August

Our next litter pick will be on Sunday 13th August. We’ll meet at 10am in the car park at Kenley station as usual. Croydon’s Don’t Mess With Croydon team will provide pickers, bags, hi-vis vests and gloves. No minimum time, but at most it’s 2 hours, unless you’re really keen.

Volunteers and Champion Volunteers Needed

I’m sorry we need another litter pick but some people can’t, or rather won’t, obey the law. So it’s up to the good people of Kenley to clear up after them, again. Croydon Council have put up some signs to warn litterers they may be fined, but until they are, we’ll have to get out on the streets and do our bit. The hot spots are around the station, by the care home near Hayes Court, and in Park Road and Abbots Lane. If you know others then please let me know.

Apart from the usual McDonalds and KFC packaging (is that why they call it junk food?), drinks cans and plastic bottles, there’s been a spate of dumped nitrous oxide (laughing gas) canisters. These small silver tubes are used in catering equipment for foaming cream, but nitrous oxide is also used for pain relief in dentistry and childbirth. Whatever the reason for buying them, I’d prefer the users didn’t dump them on our roads.

On a positive note, our roads generally are looking better and we had many more volunteers in July, so I hope we can build on that and get even more of you to come and help this time. Croydon Council’s Don’t Mess With Croydon team will provide litter pickers, gloves, bag holders and hi-vis tabards (they want the pickers and holders back by the way).  Most volunteers do a couple of hours, but that’s not compulsory. I look forward to seeing you there, rain or shine.

Litter OCD? Could you be a real Champion?

If you are a compulsive litter picker like me, then become a real champion and do a voluntary pick, maybe on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis, or whenever suits. Your reward will be a your own litter picker, bags and bag holder, provided by Kendra. We’ll even arrange for your litter bags to be collected by the council too. We need about a dozen champions across Kenley ward, but this honour is for the select few. If you have what it takes then contact me by email

See you there – Sunday 13th August 10am Car Park Kenley Station.
Paul Keating