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Litter Pick July 9th

Have you noticed there’s less litter around Kenley? If you have, then help us keep it that way. If not, then help us Clean Up Kenley on Sunday July 9th.


Building on the success of our first litter pick in June, we’re having another on Sunday 9th July, meeting in the car park at Kenley Station at 10am. Volunteers can do as much as they want to do, there’s no stipulation on time. At the last pick most volunteers worked for a couple of hours, an awful lot can be achieved in this time.

Which roads we clear is largely up to volunteers, so if you want to target an area where you live that’s fine. We’ve identified litter ‘hotspots’ but if you know where litter is especially bad we’ll try to organise a concerted effort to tackle it. The bagged litter will be collected soon after the pick has finished, so it’s helpful to have just two or three collection points. We’ll decide these on the day.

Croydon Council’s Don’t Mess With Croydon team are again supporting us, and will provide litter pickers, bags and tabards. Volunteers’ safety is paramount and they advise that no litter should be picked up by hand, the pickers provided are designed to grip and move the litter, and we found they worked very well. No ‘sharps,’ such as syringes, should be touched, but their location reported to the Council team; the same applies to heavy items. Don’t try to retrieve items in bushes as branches may stab the eyes, not desirable. Not least, be very aware of traffic and don’t assume you’ve been seen, even when wearing a hi-vis tabard.

Apart from doing your bit for our community and making Kenley an even better place to live, it’s good to meet other like-minded residents. Everyone who took part in last month’s pick said they enjoyed it and got a great feeling of satisfaction for a job well done.  So why not give it a try? See you there, rain or shine!

If you can’t join us, then you can still play your part by:

  • Clearing litter outside your property
  • Adopt an area of your road and clear litter as soon as it appears
  • Make sure recycling bins have lids, are properly filled and not overflowing. (Additional bins and lids area available from Croydon Council through their website, or by contacting LBC Recycling 020 8726 6200)
  • Make food recycling boxes ‘fox proof’
  • Report litter or any other environmental concern to Croydon Council

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